The Klickitat Valley Education Trust scholarship is open to students of ALL ages and ALL disciplines. The scholarship is available to all current and past Goldendale High School graduates seeking continuing education. Past recipients have received scholarships for studies at Community Colleges, Universities, Cosmetology School, Nursing and Farrier Programs. For complete guidelines of eligibility, please see below click here.

Complete Guidelines for Eligibility

case study the blast in centralia no 5 Eligibility In order to be eligible for benefits from the Fund, applicants must have received all of their secondary education in Goldendale High School and, along with their parents or guardians, have been residents of the Goldendale School District or contiguous elementary districts during those years, and be residents at the time of selection.

Students who graduate in less than four years shall also be eligible for benefits from the Fund. This requirement shall not preclude participation in a high school student exchange program f1 betting.

nexium vs prilosec vs prevacid An applicant who fails to meet the eligibility requirements outlined above may be given special consideration during the selection process by the Board of Directors if extraordinary circumstances can be substantiated in writing.

Grade Point Average and Hours Requirements best place to buy viagra online yahoo answers

All recipients shall be required to maintain, at a minimum, an annual and cumulative grade point average for the preceding years follows: hydrocodone homatropine

HS Graduate – 2.0 fortunw

Freshman – 2.2

Sophomore – 2.35

Juniors – 2.5.

All recipients must complete not less than 12 hours per term or 36 hours per school year (semesters 12/24), unless a waiver is authorized by the Board of Directors. A recipient must be enrolled as a full-time student for each term or semester during which they receive financial assistance from the Fund. The grades and hours earned by recipients for academic credit at the college level for high school courses or by challenging a college grade.

Schools to be Attended

The Fund will provide assistance to students attending any form of post-secondary education i.e. vocational or trade school, community college, four-year college. These schools and programs must have proper accreditation.

Four Year Limit

The philosophy of the Fund is that all recipients are selected for a period of one school year (i.e. three terms, two semesters). When deemed reasonable, at the sole discretion of the board, reappointment will automatically be made if the beneficiary complies with the grades and hours requirements set forth herein, but in no event shall any person be eligible to receive assistance from the Fund after having completed 12 terms (8 semesters) in a school as a full time student.

Maximum Limit of Other Scholarships

The maximum amount students shall be eligible to receive from other scholarships or grants-in-aid, and still be eligible to receive financial assistance from the Klickitat Valley Education Trust, is not to exceed 50% of the cost (tuition, fees, books, room and board) to attend the school for the academic year. In the event the student does receive other scholarships or grants-in-aid in excess of the 50% cost figure, then the award from the Klickitat Valley Education Trust will be voided.

Each selectee, or their parents or guardians, shall provide a written statement to the Board of Directors of the Klickitat Valley Education Trust detailing all scholarships and grants-in-aid the student is eligible to receive prior to receiving their monies from the Fund. This shall be done on an annual basis for each year the student is to receive assistance from the Klickitat Valley Education Trust.

Current Recipients Checklist

To maintain eligibility and to receive funds, please click here to submit the following supporting documents:
current transcript
current course schedule
current proof of enrollment
current list & values of all grants or scholarships awarded